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      Contract Manufacturer

      NUTRASIS is an absolute quality contract manufacturer of vitamins and dietary supplements with a full service portfolio of formulation development, production, analytic and packaging. We are more than contract manufacturer but producing a couple of supplemental ingredients our own. Product ranges softgel, tablet, capsule, powder and gummy.

      Do you already have a great formula, but need help to produce it in the quantity and consistency that you require? Nutrasis can meet all of your manufacturing requirements.

      Custom Formulation and Product Development
      We offer custom formulations to our customers to help you develop the product of your dream with the help of our experienced R&D staff. To find out more about our manufacturing services, please Contact Us.


      Product Development

      Nutrasis brings the full force of experience along with the expertise that comes from manufacturing thousands of unique dietary supplement formulations.

      Nutrasis has developed strong R&D capabilities along with an experienced team. We continue focusing on the development of technological trends, monitoring international market dynamics and developing innovative products at competitive quotations with high-standard quality control. We are a passionate team with many experienced experts. For instance, our R&D team has many nutritionists, doctors, professors, and post-docs. I'd like to mention Mr. Si Yugui in particular. He is our chief scientist who has graduated from Harvard University and has worked for GSK (US) for years. Currently, Mr. Si is working on some frontier research projects at our Shanghai R&D center.

      Whether we' re developing new products and formulations or solving existing problems, we bring our partners' products to market.


      Collaboration & Sourcing

      NUTRASIS selects suitable raw materials all over the world, and realizes the two-way traceability of all batches of products from raw materials to finished products and from finished products to raw materials, to ensure the safety, effectiveness and reliability of formula implementation.

      We choose suppliers who share the same quality philosophy with us and most of them are leading manufacturers in the industry of dietary supplements. For instance, BASF from Germany is one of our important suppliers for Vitamin E raw material. And we're forming a strategic partnership with Dupont in terms of vegan softgel project and it will continue immediately after the recovery from Covid-19 pandemic.

      NUTRASIS' initial aspiration is to manufacture dietary supplements by implementing pharmaceutical standards and to achieve high quality management. Therefore, we have the entire supply chain management system for ourselves. We are dedicated to provide a stable and reliable supply chain for clients, which is also one of our advantages. We usually choose partners who share the same quality philosophy with us and pursue win-win businesses among suppliers and clients.



      NUTRASIS has extensive knowledge and experience providing both nutritional and pharmaceutical packaging. We know our experience in this area would benefit your business, as our fully integrated packaging facility can eliminate many production delays and extra shipping charges.

      Our bottling lines can process up to 10million finished bottles per year, including HDPE, PET, and Glass bottles. The bottling machine is capable of alligning bottles in the right direction, cutting and placing dessicants into bottles, counting capsule/tablet numbers, printing manufacturing dates, etc.We offer induction sealing, neck banding, and full body sleeves as well as a range of labeling and imprinting options.

      Our Blister packaging facility can fill up to 12 million cards per year and our post production assembly team can prepare even the most complicated retail display packaging.

      Available packaging forms:
      ●  Bulk
      ●  Blisters
      ●  Side-sealing bags / sticks
      ●  Bottles
      ●  Boxes
      ●  Sachets
      ●  Doypack
      ●  Cans
      ●  ...


Zhejiang Nutrasis Biotech Co., Ltd.
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  • Email:info@nutrasis.com
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